E&C Cattle Ranch

The E&C Cattle Ranch is a modest 125 acre Cattle Ranch located in Northwest Florida, that now raises Beef specifically for you, “The Consumer”. We do not use Hormones or Steroids on our Cattle, nor is there regular exposure to Antibiotics or Chemicals on our Ranch either. Our Beef is 100% Organic and that’s the way it has always been since we started.

This Ranch was founded after my retirement from the U.S. Navy, I grew up on a farm and thought about returning to that once I finished my career. We source all of the feed for our Ranching locally, all of the hay and forage we utilize is produced here on the Ranch.

Many of our customers comment that they have not ordered beef like this before, but are excited.
It is our job to provide you with all the information necessary to allow you the ability to make an informed decision about your purchase, after all purchasing a half or whole side of beef is a large investment, but will ultimately save you money over time and provide with Premium Beef rarely available locally, and from the same animal.

The E&C Cattle Ranch only raises Premium Registered Black Angus and Sim Angus Cattle. Our Cattle are some the highest quality Beef in the country, our genetics are some of the finest available in the World. Give our Beef a try and see just what you have been missing.

Call us today for your reservation, but don’t wait to long, our beef orders fill quickly!!

Products or Services Offered:


Direct to Consumer
  • Beef Available January—January
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