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Spirulina For Life grows, harvests and distributes fresh / frozen Spirulina. We believe that the best way to attain total nutrition is to deliver a food so perfectly balanced and complete, so nutritious and rich, so healthy and bursting with life, that no other food on earth can compare. We at Spirulina For Life believe that fresh live Spirulina is the world’s most perfect food, the future of nutrition. It is the most complete, balanced and nutritious super food on the planet. It is an immune system miracle worker and a nutritional super hero of foods, with 1 pound of our live Spirulina being equal to 1,000 pounds of vegetables. Our Spirulina is harvested fresh, then immediately flash-frozen and stored. When thawed the Spirulina is alive and chock-full of bio-available nutrients. Powdered, freeze-dried or tableted Spirulina is dead and has nowhere near the available nutrients that can be found in our fresh raw live Spirulina. Our frozen Spirulina can provide your body with up to 100% of your complete daily nutrition needs. Powder versions of Spirulina only offer 10% – 20% of Spirulina’s true vitamins and nutrients as found in our living Spirulina. At Spirulina For Life we believe that there is no better investment than an investment into your personal health. We believe health is truly the first wealth and that food is our most powerful form of medicine. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to producing the world’s most healthy food. Definitely not the cheapest, but by far the best. As a Vegan company, Spirulina For Life has invested a great deal of time into obtaining important product certifications such as: C.L.E.A.N & R.A.W - C.L.E.A.N. & R.A.W. Certifications are holistic systems certifications for packaged food products and supplements, which integrate multiple aspects of the production process from ingredient selection to manufacturing to delivery ‐ the entire supply chain. They embrace and include the requirements and principles of GMP, HACCP, FSMA, HARPC, USDA Organic, Non-GMO and more. Vegan Certification- Distributed and recognized globally, the Certified Vegan Logo is a registered trademark, similar in nature to the kosher mark, for products that do not contain animal products or byproducts and that have not been tested on animals. The certified logo is easily visible to consumers interested in vegan products and helps vegans to shop without constantly consulting ingredient lists. PETA Cruelty Free Vegan Company- PETA uses the term “cruelty-free” to denote companies that do not test their products on animals or use any micro ingredients that were tested on animals. To be considered “cruelty-free” under PETA’s program, a company must not only ban animal tests but also refuse to use any animal-derived ingredients, such as honey, beeswax, or carmine, in its products.

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